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This is the Home page for the FileMaker Admin API application to administer FileMaker Servers.
Version 3.0

Download the latest version from TMS Templates.

The Filemaker Admin API application is a FileMaker solution designed to run using FileMaker Pro Advanced software to administer a FileMaker Server that serves databases. Since our office primarily uses Apple's OS X operating system to serve FileMaker, this software has only been tested to work on FileMaker Server hosted on Macs. You can use FileMaker Pro Advanced on either Mac or Windows, but the server side has only been tested on OS X. We are confident that with minor changes, this solution can work on a Windows server. But since we do not have one, we have not designed or tested it for a Windows server. The Admin API part will work on a Windows server, but the command line (FMSADMIN) would need changed for features like SSL CSR generation and for reading log files.

TMS Software, LLC is a FileMaker consulting company and we designed this software for our own internal purposes to manage servers. We are sharing it freely with the FileMaker community for further development. We are asking for no money for it, but if you use it, please give us credit as appropriate. While this software uses a lot of the Admin API features, it does not use all of them and we only developed for the areas that we desired in administering our own servers. Feel free to further development in that this solution is open for develoment with a User Name of "Admin" and no Password.

WHY: Why would someone want to use this software when FileMaker has a perfectly good web Admin console? There are several reasons.

There are quite a number of configuration processes that you can only do with the web Admin Console. So this is a complimentary tool and not a replacement of the web Admin Console.

This software makes use of Goya's Base Elements plugin for parts of its functionality. The plugin is freely distributed by Goya at You will need to install the Base Elements plugin both on your FileMaker Server and on FileMaker Pro Advanced. Thank you Nicholas Orr for all of your hard work on this plugin and for freely sharing it with the community.

This software only works when hosted on a FileMaker Server and it only works with FileMaker Server 18. We had a previous FileMaker 17 product, and the API significantly changed in 18 and is not backwards compatible.

THINGS NECESSARY FOR SETUP: Since this solution comes unlocked, FileMaker Server will not let you upload it to the Server until you give the Admin account a password. Please open the software locally, set the password, close it locally, and then upload it to the server. Additionally, you will need to make sure that in the Web Admin Console for the server, under the Connectors tab, and the "FileMaker Data API" button in the left hand column, that you have turned on the Data API. Next you will need to go to the Administration tab and click on the "External Authentication" button and turn on the "Admin Console Sign In". The API functions will not work if these are not turned on.

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This software was developed by Taylor Sharpe, FMCD, the President and owner of TMS Software, LLC, a FileMaker Business Alliance member and certified developer. He is also the Co-Chapter Coordinator of the FileMaker Pro Users Group of Dallas. You can contact Mr. Sharpe at